The Rocca of Riva

Home of the Civic Museum, the Rocca dates back to 1124, when notes can be found referring to the construction of a "castrum novum." With its four   angular towers, and home also to the art gallery, you can find the Rocca right in the centre of the town, where it can be admired from all four sides. On the east, north and   west you can walk around the ancient moat, and to the south there is a large, wooded park which runs down to the lake. It is accessed by the ancient drawbridge. Closed on   Mondays during the winter months, open from 10am to 12.30pm and from 1.30pm to 6pm every day (Monday included) from July to September.







Arco Castle

The mound with a castle on top dominates the entire Garda Trentino territory, and its walls still contain the remains of the cannons of Napoleon Bonaparte's army. Of the four original gates, today you can only see the "Transfora" (or Stranfòr) Gate, which in ancient times had a drawbridge. Arco castle was depicted in a watercolour by Albrecht Dűrer, which currently hangs in the Louvre. It is the symbol of the town of Arco with its circle of profane frescoes which figure ladies intent on playing chess. It is open from April to September from 10am to 7pm.







Drena Castle

A crenellated tower, 30 meters high, is the dominating feature of this manor, with a view from high up across the Marocche plain (a glacial phenomenon) of   Dro and the Garda Trentino area. Beneath its walls, flows the Rio Salagoni, a fabulous canyon equipped with an iron walkway. Of Romanesque construction, in a strategic   position between the Sarca valley and the Cavedine valley, it can be visited all year round (except Mondays,) and is host to numerous exhibitions and displays of local artists'   work.