This is an area with a wealth of local products where gastronomic excellence abounds, and where local specialities can be perfectly married with products of the vine, both   from white and black grapes or dried ones. And let's not forget water, which in this land surrounded by mountains, can be found everywhere. And, of course, there is also grappa, another noble product of the Trentino region, which almost all the local wine cellars include in their production. 


Recipes? Well, there are lots to choose from, from canederli(dumplings) with cheese and spinach to those filled with speck and served with melted butter, from gnocchi with   herbs to veal brisket with honey and herbs, then there is the typical "carne salada" (or salted meat) from the Garda Trentino area, which can be served raw with a squeeze   of lemon juice and cheese shavings (carpaccio style,) or cooked with beans. Without forgetting of course the various game dishes, such as venison with polenta served with wild ceps mushrooms.
A never-ending choice of dishes which go perfectly with the more robust reds of the Vallagarina or the Adige Valley such as Merlot or Marzemino, red   wines which can be preceded before the main course with a prosecco or a light rosé, which go perfectly with the classic starters. There are apples from the Val di Non, with   which to make strudel, the typical dessert of the Trentino, along with fruits of the forest, such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and black or red-currants, to serve with   ice cream for example.


Moreover, there are other specialities acknowledged by the Slow Food organisation such as the "Ciuìga," a type of simple sausage which has now become   acclaimed, along with the many varieties of cheese from the local dairies, of which the Trentino area has so many. 


Agrarian companies and wineries such as Ferrari, owned by   the Lunelli brothers of Trento, open their doors for social get-togethers, carefully combining, for example, motor cars with products such as wine or olive oil, which this   territory, in the northern extremity of the Mediterranean, benefits from a rich and flavoursome production. Pedrotti, in the town of Nomi, is where a sparkling wine of the same   name is created and aged in caves. Abate Nero comes from the Trentino shores, while Cavit - one of the major Italian wine-producers, has its representative base in Maso   Toresella on Lake Toblino. Then there is the Colle Zugna winery at Mori, the Agraria of Riva del Garda (wine cellar and oil-press,) the great Mezzocorona wine cellar and also   the Maso Warth, where the ex cycling champion, Francesco Moser, dedicates his time to his passion of vineyard cultivation.


Perhaps the best example of Trentino viticulture  can be witnessed at the Agrarian Institute of San Michele all'Adige, where over one hundred hectares of land are cultivated with grapevines and apples. Here the winery and   distillery play an important role, supporting experimental and educational projects and demonstrations, which are conducted by other centres who find the this institute to be   the perfect location. Visits can be organised in each of these companies by prior arrangement.