The city

Trento is the principal town of the region and accounts for around 150,000 inhabitants (including the surrounding communities).
It is wedged between Mount Bondone, the Paganella high plain and Mount Calisio, and the river Adige, which is the second longest river in Italy, runs through the city.
It is evidently of Roman origin (historically known as Tridentum) and was the seat of the Council from which the counter-reform began as well as the Protestant movement.
Cesare Battisti was hanged in the Buonconsiglio castle and, together with the city of Trieste, Trento is often remembered for that Irredentist dawn which brought about the annexation of Trentino to Italy after the Great War.
Trento is also home to the airport which is dedicated to the Italian aeronautic pioneer, Gianni Caproni di Taliedo.




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